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Published: 13th April 2011
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We introduce first time in the world SEPTU Instant Drying Grinding Plant for the Farm Fresh Spices, vegetables, Coffee & Tea. The IDG plant is designed in such way that drying grinding time of the product are in seconds. The design of most developed Septu attrition Grinders allow them to be used as dryers while grinding, because high air-flow rates are used to carry the product being ground and the grinding process is improved by the Turbulence. The certain number of advantage result from the Instant Drying Grinding to the fact that the two operations are simultaneous:

1. The energy of grinding is entirely recovered for drying.

2. The product that may be heat sensitive is protected against overheating.

3. Time of the operation is short.

4. Capital out-lay is less than the required for two separate drying and Grinding machines.

5. The aroma / volatile oil are intake after Instant Drying Grinding.

6. The color will remain as it is i.e. green chilly have a green color after Instant Drying Grinding.

7. Shelf life of the products after Instant Drying Grinding is much more than traditional Sun drying & pulverizer grinding.

8. All bacteriology controls are much below than control rate.

9. Final moisture in out-let product always under control rate even though In-put raw material carries different % (percentage) of moisture.

10. 10 SEPTU Instant Drying Grinding plant is multipurpose & can be used different spices drying grinding or only grinding in the same plant.

11. SEPTU Instant Drying Grinding plants are dust proof & eco-friendly.

12. All the green spices from the vegetable market first are washed & then Instant Dried Grinded in very hygienic way.

13. SEPTU Instant Drying Grinding plant is totally automatic and for Operation of the plant, only one supervisor is required.

Spices Grinding Machine

This approach can only be based on complete knowledge of all the physical factors involved in Instant Drying Grinding. SEPTU Instant Drying Grinding is now making use of its knowledge to offer an entirely computerized technical specification of the whole problem of drying, which is suited for particular cases and ensures optimized energy consumption. The following parameters are included:

* Operational characteristics of the machine (such as energy & airflow).

* Thermal characteristics of the ambient air.

* Thermal characteristics of the product (specific heat).

Function characteristics of grinding and drying (initial and residual moisture content, flow rate, initial and final product temperatures). The power of the machine alone is sufficient is certain cases to make an air Reheater superfluous and, in other case, a reheater is essential to provide the Necessary additional energy. Entrust SEPTU Instant Drying Grinding with your problem of drying grinding or only grinding; their solution will be custom-made for your needs.

The separation of powder and air at the outlet of grinding or pneumatic transfer systems is usually carried out:

when powders are fine or of low concentration in the air: by bag filters.

When the powders are highly concentrated: by placing a cyclone upstream of the filter to collect the greater part of the powder and thus prevent filter clogging. The filter collects the finer particles, generally needing later mixing of the two separated fractions.

when the quality of the powder meets the standards applicable to emissions to the atmosphere: by a single cyclone (generally for powders that are not too fine). To reduce the inherent drawbacks of the above configurations in relation to complexity and customer investment, SEPTU has developed a design of highly efficient cyclones allowing the elimination of bag filters in many cases, while complying with regulations because the cyclone collects practically 100% of the powder. In practice, the cyclone is built specially for this utilization, which is possible by computerized calculations. The cutting point is computed precisely under true operating conditions. Such precise computation allows SEPTUs cyclones to be used for a rare application that of separating two particle size fractions. The cyclone can therefore replace a dynamic classifier when separation capability is not a sine qua non, condition, while a second cyclone replaces the filter. The SEPTU cyclone Cyclone Collectors therefore provides a substantial saving in most applications. The cyclone is moreover as easy to install to a traditional cyclone for its outside dimensions are practically the same.

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